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Principe Valiente Unveil New Album 'In This Light'

Principe Valiente's newly released album "In This Light" marks a significant progression in the band's musical journey.

The ten meticulously crafted tracks showcase their distinctive ethereal sound and dark ambient charm, reminiscent of their debut album that first captivated the alternative music scene in 2011.

Through a blend of mellotrons, samplers, and analog synths, coupled with Jimmy Ottosson's mesmerizing guitar work and Fernando Honorato's haunting vocals, the band creates a captivating sonic landscape. The upcoming singles "Something New" and "Inspired By Me" offer a glimpse into the band's new direction, featuring a more pop-oriented and direct sound.

The album is out now and available everywhere, released via Metropolis Records, and it is a compelling addition to Principe Valiente's discography, showcasing their evolution and musical maturity.


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