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Grace McLean releases debut album: 'My Lovely Enemy'

Grace McLean, the talented artist known for her captivating performances on Broadway, has recently released her debut album "My Lovely Enemy".

This album, which features a collection of original and unique pop songs exploring themes of love and loss, showcases McLean's ability to craft emotionally resonant music that speaks to the complexities of human emotions.

Recorded with the expertise of producer Justin Goldner, mixed by Jack DeBoe, and mastered by Blake Morgan, "My Lovely Enemy" is a compelling journey through the aftermath of a breakup, reflecting the searching and yearning emotions that accompany such an experience. McLean's music is a powerful testament to the transformative nature of pain and the possibilities for growth and new beginnings that emerge from it.

With a rich background in musical theater and a slew of awards under her belt, including recognition from prestigious institutions like the Brooklyn Film Festival and the American Theater Wing, Grace McLean's musical prowess shines through in "My Lovely Enemy". This album is a testament to her artistry and her ability to create music that resonates on a deep emotional level.


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