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Her Leather Jacket's latest single 'Cut Me Up'

Her Leather Jacket's latest single "Cut Me Up", produced by Aaron Gillespie, delves into the raw emotions of self-doubt and insecurity within relationships.

The dynamic duo from East Nashville skillfully combines pop-punk and alternative rock influences to create an authentic and resonant storyline in their music. Lead singer Manny Blu, known for his country music background, joined forces with drummer Wes Snyder to embark on a creative journey that led to the release of their debut EP in 2023.

With the upcoming EP "The House That Chaos Built", set for summer release, "Cut Me Up" serves as a powerful preview of what's to come. The track's catchy melodies, driving guitar riffs, and impassioned vocals capture the universal struggle of feeling unworthy of love, making it a cathartic anthem for anyone grappling with feelings of inadequacy in relationships.

Her Leather Jacket's poignant lyrics and energetic sound offer listeners a relatable and empowering musical experience. Check out the single below and don't forget to connect with the band through the links under it.


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