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BUKVE unveils debut album: 'What is understanding'

BUKVE, a rising indie pop and alternative pop/rock artist hailing from Bergen, Norway, has recently unveiled his debut album titled "What is understanding".

Following the success of his already released 6 singles, BUKVE's album comprises 12 original tracks, each a heartfelt narrative written by the artist himself. Recorded at Black Valley Studios in Oslo and masterfully produced by Stamos Koliousis, the album showcases BUKVE's diverse musical expression, reflecting his life experiences and personal journey.

Under the solo project of songwriter Sveinung Fossan Bukve, BUKVE's sound resonates with a blend of indie and alternative pop elements. Collaborating closely with producer Stamos Koliousis, BUKVE drew inspiration from his Great Grandmother's artwork, intertwining familial heritage with musical creativity.

The deeply personal lyrics, coupled with BUKVE's musical prowess, have already garnered praise, solidifying BUKVE as an artist to watch in the music scene.


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