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John Taglieri's latest single 'Oh, There You Are'

John Taglieri's new single "Oh, There You Are", just released today, marks a significant shift in his musical journey, showcasing a new dimension to his artistry.

Known for his chart-topping releases and accolades in songwriting, Taglieri’s newest offering presents a powerful anthem filled with emotive layers and a message of resilience. Collaborating with Munk Duane, the duo has crafted a lush soundscape featuring dynamic drums, sweeping strings, and captivating vocals.

Departing from his usual uplifting style, "Oh There You Are" delves into a darker, more introspective territory, reflecting John's maturity and growth as an artist. Produced at Bad Stella Studios and skillfully mastered by Brian Lucey, the track highlights Taglieri's compelling vocals and the duo's seamless collaboration.

Available on all major streaming platforms, this release cements Taglieri's reputation as a versatile and innovative indie artist pushing musical boundaries.


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