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Luna Waves unveils new single titled 'Sad Girl Canon'

Luna Waves, a project by the talented musician Rob Muir, presents a mesmerizing new single titled "Sad Girl Canon", offering a blend of dreamy shoegaze elements in a spacey atmosphere.

This track serves as a preview of Luna Waves' upcoming album "Comedowns", adding to the discography that already includes the albums "Blood Moon" and "Bruised Gold". Rob's musical style spans various genres, including psychedelic rock, dream-pop, and neo-psychedelia.

Recorded and performed entirely by Rob Muir, with mixing and mastering by Chris Corney, Sad Girl Canon captivates with its nostalgic 80's and 90's-inspired layers. The song's origins lie in Rob's reflections on societal tropes surrounding "sad girl" narratives, adding a unique depth to the music's character.

Check out the song below and stay tuned for Luna Waves' Comedowns album in June 2024, promising a nostalgic journey through rock and shoegaze influences.


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