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Marc Schuster unveils new album: 'Arguably'

Marc Schuster, a versatile and active figure in the independent music scene, has recently launched his latest album entitled "Arguably".

Known for his roles as a solo multi-instrumentalist, artist, and producer, Marc's creative pursuits span radio hosting, music blogging, drumming for various bands, and more. His new album, comprising eight tracks, on one of which ("Paul Giamatti") he has Jim Lorino on guest vocals, showcases a distinctive fusion of alt-pop, acoustic/art-rock, bedroom pop, and synthwave elements.

Schuster's musical diversity truly shines through in "Arguably". His penchant for wordplay and quirky lyricism adds a layer of depth to the tracks, inviting listeners to delve into his unique musical world. From his involvement in Philadelphia's power-pop band Scoopski to his global collaborations, Marc's eclectic taste and creativity are evident throughout the album.

"Arguably" is a testament to Marc Schuster's artistic range and skill, offering a refreshing and original listening experience for fans of contemporary and alternative music.


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