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Kate Pending unveils new album 'Pigmented Reality'

Kate Pending's latest album "Pigmented Reality" delivers a diverse and immersive musical journey.

With a blend of ethereal tones, retro synths, and ominous vibes, the album showcases a wide range of genres including deep house, drum and bass, and techno. Kate, a solo artist, meticulously crafted the album using Ableton and a mix of software plug-ins and hardware in her home studio. Each track on the album tells a unique story, drawing inspiration from various sources like Brave New World, Star Trek, and personal experiences.

The use of synths, particularly from the Pigments plug-in, creates a cohesive thread throughout the album, adding a consistent and captivating element, and also inspired the name of the album.

Kate's dedication to exploring different electronic music styles shines through in "Pigmented Reality", making it a must-listen for music enthusiasts seeking a fresh and innovative sound.


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