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Bonnie Milne unveils new single: 'Stolen Night Sky'

Bonnie Milne's latest single "Stolen Night Sky" showcases her versatility as a classical pianist and composer.

With guest percussionist Dave Hewitt's tasteful playing, the track introduces a new dimension to Milne's repertoire. The seamless incorporation of percussion, alongside cellist Kevin Fox and violinist Shane Guse, enriches the composition, adding texture and depth.

Recorded on a Bosendorfer Piano at the St. Pauls' Centre in Orillia, the single captures the essence of Milne's musical prowess. Featuring colorful transitions and dynamic approaches, "Stolen Night Sky" is a testament to Bonnie's innovative approach to composition. With over 200K Spotify streams, Milne's music continues to captivate audiences worldwide.

Her dedication to both her craft and nurturing young musical talents highlights Bonnie's commitment to the art form. As an International Singer Songwriter Association Awards nominee, Bonnie Milne's impact on the music industry is undeniable, making "Stolen Night Sky" a must-listen for classical music enthusiasts.


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