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Nadine Randle and Aqcora's latest collaboration: 'Wings'

Nadine Randle and Aqcora blend their talents in the electrifying new single "Wings", a track that dives deep into the vibrant world of club music.

This dynamic duo, hailing from the UK and Sweden, brings a refreshing mix of English and Swedish lyrics to the table, showcasing their versatility and global appeal. With experience performing on international stages and collaborating with industry giants, Nadine Randle is a rising star to watch.

Paired with the prowess of Aqcora, a renowned music producer and sought-after DJ, "Wings" takes flight with its infectious energy and top-notch production. The track's pulsating beats and soaring vocals create an uplifting atmosphere, inviting listeners to get lost in its powerful allure.

Through its theme of seeking authentic connections amidst emotional distance, "Wings" delivers a raw and direct sonic experience that sets a new standard in the world of commercial house music, marking a confident step forward for these talented artists. Check it out below.


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