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Karen Harding unveils 'Invisible Stranger'

Karen Harding’s latest single "Invisible Stranger" captivates listeners with its emotionally charged narrative, drawing on the relatable experience of mistaken recognition.

Karen, a rising star in Melbourne's music scene, first caught attention with her debut single "I Didn't Realise" back in 2021. Since then, she has been pushing boundaries by collaborating with various artists and producers worldwide.

Her latest single "Invisible Stranger" serves as a glimpse into her upcoming album, "Behind The Mask". The track dives deep into the theme of mistaken identity, capturing that moment of fleeting connection before realizing it was meant for someone else. With emotive vocals and captivating piano melodies, Harding skillfully evokes a blend of soulful blues and contemporary pop.

Produced by Daniel Nieberg, "Invisible Stranger" showcases Karen's poignant songwriting, crafted during her time in Melbourne. This compelling single highlights her growth as an artist, setting the stage for what promises to be a memorable album release. Check it out below.


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