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Pacific Death's Latest Single 'The Art Of Stealing Tulips From The Devil's Garden'

Pacific Death, hailing from Sweden, is a solo experimental project that delves into instrumental music.

So far, since 2021, Pacific Death has independently crafted three albums, showcasing a diverse range of musical skills from composition to mastering. Evolving from electronic roots, the project now intricately weaves guitar elements into its sound, creating a unique blend of textures.

Embracing unconventional musical structures and genre-bending, Pacific Death's latest single "The Art Of Stealing Tulips From The Devil's Garden" is a progressive instrumental piece that narrates the daring escapade of a skilled thief infiltrating the devil's guarded garden to steal tulips.

Through unexpected musical sequences and fearless exploration, Pacific Death pushes the boundaries of traditional music, inviting listeners into a world where creativity knows no limits.

Read our previous article about Pacific Death here, and be sure to also check out the new single below.

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