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Jeff Vidov's latest single 'Oh mi da dey di'

Jeff Vidov's latest single "Oh mi da dey di" is a vibrant expression of hope and love, filled with Jeff's signature positive energy.

Born in Canada, Jeff is known for his extensive musical career, encompassing roles as a composer, pianist, conductor, and more. The song is a testament to his roots in choir music, emphasizing the importance of community and making a positive impact. Drawing inspiration from the Neorock movement in Toronto, Jeff's music combines thought-provoking lyrics with a dynamic orchestra, creating a unique sound in the rock genre.

In another track, "Baby can u dig your man", Jeff pays homage to Stephen King's novel "The Stand", crafting an upbeat pop/rock anthem that has received praise from audiences worldwide. With a background that includes prestigious awards and collaborations with industry giants, his musical prowess shines through in every note.

Jeff Vidov's diverse musical portfolio spans film scores, classical compositions, and popular music, showcasing his versatility and talent across genres. His dedication to music is evident in his commitment to creating engaging and innovative compositions that resonate with listeners on a profound level.


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