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Pacific Death Releases: '__Rockbear__'

Originating from Sweden, Pacific Death is a solo experimental project that explores unconventional musical territories. The project's latest single "__Rockbear__" is a progressive rock instrumental track that aims to evoke imagery of a guitar-playing bear. With influences from artists like Frank Zappa, the song exudes a positive and energetic vibe.

This release marks Pacific Death's fourth single in just two months, following tracks with unique titles such as "what-the-hell-is-going-on-over-there---------------------------------------------------- >", "The Avian Abundance" and "A Huge Parrot in a Tiny Toilet".

Since its establishment in 2021, Pacific Death has independently produced three albums, incorporating electronic elements and intricate guitar work. The guitar has become a central element in Pacific Death's music, seamlessly blending with various textures.

The project's fearless approach to music creation involves experimenting with unexpected musical sequences and genre fusion, challenging traditional music norms. Pacific Death's music reflects the artist's adventurous spirit and willingness to explore unconventional sounds.


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