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The Mess:Age unveils new single: 'Mr W.H.O'

The Mess:Age, the project of Glen Brandon (Ziggy), has released a captivating single titled "Mr W.H.O". This track is part of his second album "Age of Mess", which reflects a blend of pop/rock with a spiritual essence.

Glen's music is a sacred expression of his inner self, through unique sound it delves into themes of love, technology, war, and spirituality, drawing from personal experiences and prophetic visions. Glen's solo journey in creating these albums has been a challenging yet rewarding process, filled with powerful, uplifting, and thought-provoking anthems.

Through his music, he aims to spread messages of truth, love, and unity, urging listeners to embrace their immortal spirits and sing out loud. The upcoming album "Speed of Light" promises to continue this journey of self-expression and enlightenment.

The Mess:Age's music resonates with a deep sense of purpose and creativity, inviting listeners to join him on a transformative musical experience.

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