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Lizard Space Lounge Unveils 'Disco Dreams'

Lizard Space Lounge's latest single "Disco Dreams" is a captivating addition to his intergalactic EP "Cyber Trippin'".

The track takes listeners on a cosmic journey through time and space, blending psychedelic synth waves with upbeat, synth-pop vibes. The artist's passion for electronic music shines through in this easy-to-listen-to alt-pop gem. With influences ranging from psychedelic melodies to existential questions, Lizard Space Lounge's music delves deep into human emotion.

His debut album "Mystic Daze" offered a glimpse into the artist's psyche with brooding atmospheres and pulsating beats. Now, with "Cyber Trippin'", Lizard Space Lounge continues to push boundaries, combining haunting vocals and pulsating synths to explore themes of love, loss, and existence.

This EP is a fusion of retro synthwave and modern synthpop, creating a mesmerizing sonic experience that is both nostalgic and innovative. Check out the single below and stay tuned for the live action animated music video.


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