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ZOAX unveils new EP 'Emotions Of Love'

Belgian electro artist ZOAX has unveiled his latest EP "Emotions Of Love", a vibrant fusion of electro-pop and sung melodies.

Collaborating with vocalist Valery and sound engineer Fresh Sly, ZOAX delivers a collection of five tracks that delve into the intricate realm of love and its accompanying emotions. Drawing inspiration from a diverse range of musical influences, ZOAX infuses his music with elements of house, pop, and deep-house, creating a sound that is both danceable and uplifting.

The EP is characterized by its bright and sunny vibes, with catchy melodies and intricate arrangements that captivate listeners. The final track "Infinite Harmony" serves as a poignant conclusion to this musical exploration of love.

With a blend of inspiration ranging from jazz, to rock, to classical melodies and traditional sounds, ZOAX's music is a testament to his creative vision and passion for storytelling through music.


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