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Black Magick Marching Band's EP 'Slouching Toward Babylon'

Black Magick Marching Band's EP "Slouching Toward Babylon" is a journey into 20th-century mythology, late-night angst, and imaginary monsters with an Arthurian-Bowie vibe.

Chicago-based singer-songwriter Daniel Fitzgerald, the mastermind behind BMMB, took the opportunity during the pandemic to delve into psychedelic pop and spooky folk sounds that inspired this EP. Recorded over 18 months in various locations, the EP showcases a blend of retro 60's and early 70's influences with a wilder and looser approach to arrangements.

Notable tracks like "Wasteland II" and "Doombox" capture the essence of BMMB's sound, blending droning guitars with folk-rock cadence. Despite facing setbacks like a stolen laptop mid-production, the EP was saved thanks to backup files and unexpected help, making the creative journey all the more remarkable.

Overall, "Slouching Toward Babylon" offers a unique and introspective listening experience for fans of existential lyricism and fuzzy guitar textures. Check it out below.


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