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A musical journey to the stars: Benny Fisher's single 'Constellations'

Benny Fisher, the inventive English musician, has just released his latest single "Constellations" giving listeners a glimpse into his space-inspired musical universe.

Known for his distinct blend of acoustic melodies and synths, Fisher's new track captures the essence of space exploration with retro-sounding synths and catchy hooks. Slightly under three minutes, "Constellations" wastes no time in drawing listeners in with its upbeat tune and captivating lyrics.

The accompanying lo-fi video adds a charming touch to the experience, featuring a young girl and her cat stargazing under the urban night sky. Fisher's poetic lyrics paint a vivid picture of the infinite beauty above, as the protagonist marvels at the celestial bodies and embarks on a cosmic journey through the night.

"Constellations" is a delightful musical escapade that will leave you feeling starry-eyed and inspired. Check it out below.


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