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Kingdom All Stars Release New Single 'Home'

Kingdom All Stars, a band hailing from Vermont, USA, backed by an all-volunteer non-profit organization, have recently released their fifteenth single "Home", showcasing their deep connection to their roots and community.

The band's recent accolades include winning the "Top Musicality" and "Spirit" awards at the 2024 Grand Finale Talent Series in Boston, along with previous wins at the "Beats For Good" band contest and performances at Vermont Do Good Fest.

Written by Jazmine Bogie, the song beautifully captures the emotions tied to the concept of home, portraying the struggle some people have of leaving behind a place of memories and loved ones to embrace the uncertainties of the future. Through heartfelt storytelling and gentle rhythms, the band evokes a sense of nostalgia and emotional weight, acknowledging the complexities of transitions and new beginnings.

"Home" has a blend of acoustic and electronic elements and envelops listeners in a serene and emotive journey through departure and reflection, and the bittersweet experience of moving forward. Check it out below.


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