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Emalia's latest EP 'Supreme'

Emalia's latest EP "Supreme" is a reflection of her journey back to music, serving as a source of inspiration and positivity during challenging times.

Known for her distinct fusion of R&B and pop, Emalia's music resonates with listeners, garnering over 1.2 million streams on Spotify. Her involvement in every aspect of her artistry shines through in her music, visuals, and vocal arrangements.

The lead single of her new EP, 'Supreme', celebrates independence and self-love, setting the tone for the entire project. Tracks like 'Stacks' and 'Sofa' exude a blend of soulful R&B sounds, while 'U.F.O.' and 'Angels All Gucci' delve into themes of embracing individuality and reclaiming one's voice.

As she prepares to share her music on a global stage, Emalia's evolution as an artist is evident in the powerful tracks of "Supreme". Check them out below.


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