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Brett Benowitz's latest single 'Take Back Your Life'

Brett Benowitz's latest single "Take Back Your Life" delivers a powerful message of empowerment in today's tech-dominated world.

With a call to break free from phone and social media addiction, the song stands out as a unique and energizing anthem in today's music scene. Featuring top-tier musicians Philip Chuah on bass, Nic Kubes on drums, and Josh Vasquez on lead guitar, Benowitz's collaboration with producer Jon DeRing at Jackpot Collective in El Segundo, CA, shines through in the high-quality production of the track.

The song's bridge offers unexpected twists and turns, keeping listeners engaged from start to finish. Benowitz's passion for creating impactful music is evident in every note, urging listeners to reevaluate their digital dependencies and reclaim their personal power.

"Take Back Your Life" serves as a rallying cry to disconnect from the digital world and reconnect with one's inner strength and authenticity.


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