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A cosmic journey through creativity and consciousness, Thy Veils's new album 'Next Forever'

Thy Veils beckons listeners to explore their latest album "Next Forever", a fusion of genres that transcends time and space. Building on the success of "Neoradiant" this new release unveils a realm where the essence of existence is revealed across ten transformative tracks.

Founded in 1995 by Daniel Dorobantu, Thy Veils is a Romanian art collective, that has continuously evolved, producing over a dozen albums and diverse art projects.

In this musical voyage, Thy Veils imagines a future beyond the year 30000, where souls flourish in pure consciousness, merging with absolute reality. Through a blend of Ambient, Jazz, Electronic, and World music, "Next Forever" crafts a distinct soundscape that incorporate Pop and experimental genres.

Crafted over seven years, this album is a testament to Thy Veils' evolution and experimental spirit, offering a rich tapestry of immersive storytelling that rewards attentive listeners with intricate details and emotional depth. As each track unfolds, it weaves a narrative that transcends the temporal, inviting audiences to delve deep into the mystical world of "Next Forever".


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