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Emma Miller unveils debut single 'Sick & Tired' from upcoming EP

Emma Miller, the Scottish indie sensation, and the creator of UK's largest Music NFT collection "Artifacts", is making waves with her latest single "Sick & Tired" from her upcoming EP.

In a candid reflection on the song, Miller describes "Sick & Tired" as a personal journey, confronting inner struggles and societal pressures. The track, produced by Billy Ottewill and Aidan Hargreaves, features organic viola sounds and intricate drum patterns that complement Emma's cathartic vocals.

Following her success with "Artifacts", Emma is set to support Americana artist Emily Duff in Edinburgh and host Scotland's first Music and Blockchain showcase at Gordon Castle Estate.

This debut single marks Emma Miller's triumphant return to mainstream music, drawing on her experiences of overcoming anxiety and self-doubt. Check out the single below and stay tuned for the full "Artifacts" EP release later this summer.


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