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The Carrie Armitage Quartet unveil debut album

Canadian musician Carrie Armitage has unveiled her debut album with The Carrie Armitage Quartet, showcasing a fusion of compositions that highlight the energy and creativity of the ensemble.

Feeling the urge to infuse her work with a fresh perspective after several solo releases, Armitage collaborated with top musicians to revamp her approach to composition.

Working closely with drummer Gary Craig to craft innovative rhythm bundles, Armitage embraced a departure from her usual style, resulting in a cohesive and energized sound throughout the album. Bassist Mitch Starkman added depth and expansiveness to the tracks, while guitarists Brian May and Bob McAlpine brought their unique styles to the recordings, each contributing a distinct flair to the music.

Special guests, including drummer David Quinton, further enriched the album, adding layers of dynamic energy to the compositions.

The collaborative spirit and mutual inspiration among the musicians shine through in this collection, making it a true celebration of creativity and musical camaraderie.


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