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Robert O'Connor's Latest Single 'Mysterious Times' - Teaser for Upcoming Album

Robert O'Connor, an independent artist who has made significant strides in his music career over the past six years, is gearing up for the release of his latest single "Mysterious Times".

After a five-year hiatus, Robert made a strong comeback in 2018 and has since gained momentum with his music releases. His EP "Transcendence" in 2020 and the follow-up EP "Severance" in 2022 received critical acclaim, propelling him from less than 1000 streams to over 150,000 streams.

With a dedicated fan base, Robert's singles from "Severance" topped the LGBTQ Music Chart, showcasing his unique artistry. Now, as he prepares for the release of his second album, O'Connor collaborates with producer Gareth Shortland to bring a fresh perspective to his music.

"Mysterious Times" a cover of the 1999 hit by Sash!, offers a glimpse into O'Connor's upcoming album, promising a blend of '80s German electropop and '00s Ibiza chillout vibes.

So be sure to check out the single below and stay tuned for more releases from Robert in 2024.


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