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Brooke Moriber Unveils New Single 'More Love'

Brooke Moriber, a rising star in Country music, has unveiled her latest single "More Love," a heartfelt anthem that urges listeners to embrace unity and acceptance.

Hailing from New York, Moriber's musical journey began on Broadway before she transitioned into songwriting as a means of coping with a challenging period of losing her eyesight to a rare eye disease. With her incredible voice and powerful storytelling, Brooke independently released her debut single "Cry Like A Girl" in 2019 before signing with Reviver Records in Nashville.

"More Love" serves as a timely reminder of the power of love and connection, emphasizing the importance of embracing both our similarities and differences. Fans can catch Brooke live at The Bitter End in NYC on May 11th for the Songwriters in the Round series "Nashville in New York," as well as at the upcoming Montauk Music Festival from May 16th to 19th.

Check out the single below and don't miss the chance to experience Moriber's moving new track and her captivating repertoire of hits.


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