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Irish Quartet Pork Pie Unveil New Single 'I Want Everything'

Pork Pie, the Irish quartet known for their eclectic rock sound blending garage, indie groove, and psychedelia, is making waves with their latest single "I Want Everything".

The band, consisting of Shane Brett on drums, Michael Laverty on bass, Michael Stafford on vocals, piano, guitar, and saxophone, and Peter Laverty on lead guitar, has been gaining recognition for their originality and dynamic performances across Europe.

Their upcoming album "Golden Leaf Sheets" promises a nostalgic fusion of guitar and dance music, featuring psychedelic guitar riffs, moody Hammond organ melodies, groovy bass lines, and funky drumming that beckons listeners to the dance floor. Following the success of their debut album "Pterodactyl", Pork Pie is gearing up for the release of their new album in 2024.

"I Want Everything" captures the essence of Pork Pie's signature sound, recorded at Dundalk's Lockup Recording Studio and expertly engineered and mastered for an immersive musical experience. Check out the single below and stay tuned for more infectious tunes from this talented band.


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