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The Local 12 Release Debut Album 'Abandon'

The Local 12, a rock band from South Jersey (USA), have released their debut album "Abandon", showcasing their live sound and diverse songwriting.

Comprised of Dave Iannucci on guitar and vocals, Dan Ream on keys, guitar, and vocals, Pat Ream on bass, and Eric Bailey on drums and vocals, the band's music draws influences from the outskirts of rock and pop.

The album, recorded at Bailey's Blue-Sky Hangout in Pitman, NJ, features ten original songs that reflect the band's creative interests. With lyrical themes exploring various forms of abandonment, such as in relationships and personal growth, each track offers a unique perspective on the concept.

The Local 12's musical journey began in 2018 with a casual jam session among friends, evolving into a collaborative effort that culminated in the creation of "Abandon", a record that captures the essence of their collective artistry. Check it out below.


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