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Deep Dive Species Unveils New Album Called 'Habitat'

Deep Dive Species, a virtual band hailing from New York, has recently unveiled their latest album, "Habitat".

Following their debut album "Aquaphilia", the duo of Vadim Militsin and Sergiy Popovich embarked on a musical hiatus, which still turned out to produce new material. With Militsin drawing inspiration from the sounds of Costa Rica while Popovich delved deeper into guitar explorations. Despite initial intentions to compile an EP of unreleased tracks, the project organically evolved into a cohesive second album.

"Habitat" showcases a diverse range of influences, from the eerie echoes of Angelo Badalamenti and David Lynch in tracks like "Triple Peaks" to the nostalgic 70's and 80's electronica vibes of "Seventy 7". The album delves into darker, trip-hop-infused territories with "Arizonan" while offering introspective glimpses into vast sonic landscapes with tracks like "Lost and Found".

Culminating in the emotionally charged "Unconditional", "Habitat" presents a mature and cohesive sonic journey, reflective of the band's growth and confidence in their craft.

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