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Trummerkind's "Killing Stalking" - A Hypnotic Horror Rock Experience

Trummerkind, the gothic post-punk trio hailing from Exeter, presents their remastered and reissued single "Killing Stalking" as a hypnotic horror rock song. Inspired by the manga series of the same name, this track showcases Trummerkind's unique blend of influences and their love for theatrical gothic and post-punk sounds.

With Rowen Silvester on vocals and bass guitar, Robert Silvester on drums, and Oli Sturdy on guitar, Trummerkind delivers a haunting and captivating musical experience. "Killing Stalking" stands out as one of the band's favorite songs, despite never being promoted before.

Recorded in Exeter, UK, at Oli's Attic Studio, the single was later remixed and remastered by Duncan Chave. The production quality enhances the dark and atmospheric nature of the track, immersing listeners in its hypnotic allure.

"Killing Stalking" is a testament to Trummerkind's ability to draw inspiration from diverse sources and create a unique musical ethos. Fans of My Chemical Romance and Rammstein will find elements to appreciate in this haunting composition.

With their latest release, Trummerkind solidifies their place in the gothic rock scene, leaving us eagerly anticipating what they have in store for the future. "Killing Stalking" is a must-listen for fans of horror-infused rock music.

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