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Suburban Bicycle Gang's Latest Single 'Change'

Suburban Bicycle Gang, the vibrant indie folk-rock duo, has unveiled their latest single "Change", a captivating track that signifies a new era for the duo. Showcasing their musical growth and adaptability, this song is a must-hear for folk and rock enthusiasts.

Building on the triumph of their previous release "The Council of Rats", Suburban Bicycle Gang introduces a fresh sound with "Change", demonstrating their versatility and artistic development.

Contrasting their earlier work, which had a raw 60's garage rock vibe, "Change" is a refined folk-rock piece featuring Jerry Grey on electric guitar and vocals. The track showcases the band's willingness to explore new musical avenues while remaining authentic to their origins.

"Change" reflects Suburban Bicycle Gang's dedication to innovation and evolution. With its infectious tunes and sincere lyrics, the song is bound to strike a chord with audiences, solidifying the duo's position as a standout indie act in today's music landscape. Check out the single below.


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