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Powers of the Monk unveil cover version of 'It's Your Voodoo Working'

Powers of the Monk have recently unveiled their latest single "It's Your Voodoo Working", a cover of blues-man Charles Sheffield's classic tune.

The band, consisting of David S. Monk on vocals, guitar, and keyboards, and CasSondra Powers on vocals and violin, teamed up with producer Dani Macchi to create this soulful rendition. Originating from Detroit, Michigan, Powers of the Monk initially dabbled in electronic rock with their 2006 release "Killing Time", before transitioning to indie pop and folk sensibilities in their recent works.

After a hiatus, the band returned in 2020 with new material, including a demo of "Firefly" and the EP "Freight Train". Collaborating with Dani Macchi, known for his work with Italian band Belladonna, Powers of the Monk released the re-recorded "Firefly" in 2023, followed by the original track "Switchin' Rails" in early 2024.

Looking ahead, fans can anticipate the release of "Icarus" in July, along with remastered versions of their earlier albums, promising a summer filled with mesmerizing melodies and innovative soundscapes from Powers of the Monk.


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