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Monique Angele's Newly Released Single 'Dreaming'

Monique Angele's latest single "Dreaming" offers a tranquil escape into a realm of introspection and joy, providing solace from the pressures of everyday life.

The song delicately unfolds with gentle piano notes, setting the stage for Monique's ethereal vocals. Through poetic storytelling, Monique delves into the art of daydreaming, inviting listeners to embrace peace amidst life's chaos. The track seamlessly transitions into a full-band arrangement, with layers of vocals, all underscored by uplifting piano harmonies.

Produced by Sean Peter O'Sullivan and mastered by Joseph Carra "Dreaming" boasts a lush sonic landscape that complements Monique's emotive performance. Drawing inspiration from her time in Australia, Monique's songwriting captures the essence of finding bliss regardless of external circumstances. With a background in classical piano and a passion for storytelling, Monique Angele's music resonates deeply with listeners.

"Dreaming" invites audiences on a journey of imagination and introspection, showcasing Monique's dedication to creating soul-stirring music that inspires dreams.


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