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Love Ghost Unveils New Single 'GOD DAMN' Featuring ND KOBI

Love Ghost's latest single "GOD DAMN" is a captivating blend of Latin R&B, Alternative, and Emo genres, delving into the theme of feeling trapped within one's own thoughts.

The track features a collaboration with Mexican artist ND KOBI and was skillfully produced by Mexico's Shantra, known for his work with esteemed artists like Santa Fe Klan and Piso 21. This release is a precursor to Love Ghost's upcoming album, also produced by Shantra, promising a collection of exciting collaborations.

The band's previous singles have garnered acclaim from a multitude of reputable sources, including Rolling Stone, Clash, and Billboard, establishing Love Ghost as a rising force in the music scene. With successful tours in Europe and performances at renowned venues in Mexico City, Love Ghost continues to expand their global reach through collaborations with a diverse range of artists.

Exciting projects on the horizon include an album with Marilyn Manson's guitarist and producer Tim Skold, showcasing the band's versatility and innovative spirit.


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