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Kallai's unveils new single: 'Palisades'

Kallai's latest single "Palisades" serves as a departure from their previous shoegaze track "Always/Never", by incorporating post-punk and synth elements.

The song introduces a dual-vocalist dynamic, with David Gross taking the lead and Cate Hukle providing backing textures. The lyrics convey a narrative of overcoming emotional barriers to embrace new connections after facing challenges and isolation.

The band, comprised of members from various musical backgrounds, blends melancholic storytelling with a blend of dreamlike and genuine emotions. Their upcoming debut EP, set to be released next month, promises a fusion of reverb-soaked guitars, synths, and melodic bass-lines, influenced by post-punk and shoegaze while pushing boundaries with a modern twist.

"Palisades" captures the essence of vulnerability and growth, resonating with introspective themes and a compelling mix of genres. Kallai's evolution within the music scene promises a dynamic and emotive listening experience ahead of their anticipated release in June 2024.


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