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Dru Cutler Unveils Video For 'I Am the Sea'

Dru Cutler, a talented musician hailing from Brooklyn, NY, recently unveiled a captivating music video for his track "I Am the Sea".

Known for his versatility as a singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist, Cutler is also a co-founder of Unit J, a renowned music space in Bushwick.

Throughout his career, Cutler has been involved in various creative endeavors, such as serving as the music director at The McKittrick Hotel and curating unique performances like the "Night of 1000 Bowies" at the Brooklyn Museum. His discography includes albums like "Familiar" and "Bring Closer the Distance", produced by Grammy-winning talents Dave McNair and Scott Lehrer.

His latest offering "Will to Mend", released via UnitedMasters, showcases Cutler's musical evolution. The album, mixed by Tom Tierney and mastered by Jessica Thompson, has garnered praise from both fans and critics, leading to a successful east coast tour with his band. Check out the video and album below.


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