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Wexford releases new single 'Dirty Habit'

Wexford, a band originating from Sandusky, Ohio (USA), has released a new single called "Dirty Habit".

The track offers a glimpse into their upcoming album "Silent Key", set to be released in June 2024. The track, produced by Shawn Patrick Thomas Daley, features driving rhythms, intricate guitar melodies, and emotive vocals by Dave Mueller and Andy Kohlmann, accompanied by Shawn Daley on bass and keys, and Jeff Vandebussche on drums.

The band's evolution, with the addition of Shawn and Jeff in 2023, has brought a new dynamic to their sound, as evident in the reimagined tracks from their debut album "OK Suburbia". "Dirty Habit" serves as a poignant reminder of the struggles we face, urging listeners to reflect on their own vices and insecurities, while emphasizing self-acceptance and resilience.

Wexford's diverse influences and fusion of alternative, punk, and post-hardcore elements, shine through in their music, creating a distinct and captivating musical experience. Check out the single below.


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