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Pioneer in Iranian electronic music Vispa releases debut EP 'Ideas'

Vispa, hailing from Tehran, unveils his groundbreaking debut EP "Ideas", a pioneering fusion of electronic sounds that breaks new ground in Iran's music scene.

The lead single "Walking Into The Light" pays homage to 80's pop vibes while infusing it with a modern touch, creating an uplifting atmosphere that resonates with listeners. The EP, featuring tracks like "Cosmic Force" and "Space Odyssey", delves into sci-fi themes, transporting listeners to a futuristic realm.

Vispa's meticulous approach to re-imagining his earlier works shines through in each track, showcasing his evolution as an artist. The EP serves as a testament to his ability to translate abstract concepts into captivating musical experiences, reflecting his expertise as a renowned translator in Iran.

"Ideas" is a transformative journey through Vispa's musical evolution, now available on all streaming platforms for music enthusiasts to explore.

Check out the EP on Soundcloud here.


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