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Mark Peters Unveils Soulful Acoustic Single 'Grace of the Fall'

Mark Peters, a London-born singer-songwriter now based in Vienna, Austria, unveils his latest single "Grace of the Fall" in an acoustic rendition.

Departing from his usual polished production, Peters opts for a raw and spontaneous approach, capturing the essence of a live performance. Utilizing minimal equipment - an old MacBook, a Sennheiser mic, and GarageBand - he aims for authenticity over perfection.

Drawing inspiration from his late-night songwriting sessions, Peters infuses the track with heartfelt emotion and vulnerability. Reflecting on past experiences, the song delves into themes of nostalgia and lost love, resonating with a sense of longing and reflection.

With a nod to influences like Nick Drake and Fleet Foxes, Peters crafts a sincere and intimate piece that celebrates the beauty of imperfection.

"Grace of the Fall (Acoustic)" is out now on all streaming service.


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