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Blackpool Mecca unveil debut single 'Pavement'

Blackpool Mecca, a Nashville-based rock duo consisting of Baxter White and Kristofer Jedd, has unleashed their electrifying debut single "Pavement" from the upcoming EP "The Long Goodbye".

Blending elements of grunge, pop, and indie rock, the band's captivating live performances have garnered attention in the Nashville music scene. The track was recorded at Polychrome Ranch and expertly produced by Jared Corder, with mastering by Edsel Holden.

Inspired by personal relationships and the bittersweet realization of parting ways, "Pavement" showcases the duo's talent for crafting emotionally resonant lyrics and infectious hooks. Blackpool Mecca's previous releases have earned them accolades, including being named 'artist of the week' on local radio.

With a growing fan base and a dynamic sound, Blackpool Mecca is poised to make waves in the rock music scene.


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