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Roxx Revolt Releases New Single '33'

Alternative rock force Roxx Revolt has set ablaze the music industry once more with their latest single "33", released through Archive Records.

With "33" the band introduces a revamped identity and sound, solidified by guitarist Jake Shockley's mesmerizing opening riff that immediately establishes the song as a standout hit. The addition of new Bass Guitarist Devin Lashbrook and the band's decision to shorten their name to Roxx Revolt further symbolize a creative rebirth encapsulated in the track "33".

This release underlines Roxx Revolt's consistent ability to deliver groundbreaking music, cementing their position as a dynamic and innovative presence in the rock scene with their signature combination of alternative rock, glam and punk.

"33" marks a new chapter for Roxx Revolt, showcasing their unapologetic and exceptional musical style, and is a testament to the band's evolution and commitment to pushing musical boundaries. Check out the single below.


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