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NADIA Unveils Latest Single: 'Buzz'

Belfast's rising star, NADIA, has unveiled her latest track, 'Buzz', sure to become a dance-pop sensation. The song combines her signature energetic rhythms with melodic pop tunes, painting a vivid picture of falling in love with the liveliness of a bustling city. 'Buzz' captures the essence of being enveloped in the city's pulse, finding solace in the vibrant surroundings, shedding feelings of isolation.

NADIA's musical journey has been remarkable, characterized by a series of successful releases in 2023. From the infectious 'Every Step' to the spellbinding 'Push the Button' and the emotionally charged 'Figure It Out', produced by the esteemed Arden 'Keyz' Altino, her portfolio showcases a range of emotions. Delving into themes of love and heartache, NADIA's collaboration with Jordan Adetunji on 'Love Victim' offered a raw blend of poignant lyrics and captivating beats.

With her soulful voice and compelling songwriting, NADIA captivates audiences, establishing herself as a promising talent in the music scene. Her fusion of soulful melodies and electro-pop elements in 'Buzz' affirms her ability to mesmerize listeners and solidifies her place as a rising star to watch. Partnering with Sound Ballistics Music & Publishing, NADIA continues to sparkle, ready to enchant listeners once again with her latest release.


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