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Francesca Confortini Unveils 'Pieces of Glass'

Francesca Confortini, the talented Italian singer-songwriter, enchants listeners with her latest single "Pieces of Glass" a delightful fusion of summer-haze pop, jazz, and R&B.

Hailing from Milan and now based in London, Francesca, known for her work as a session musician across Europe, showcases her unique musical style inspired by jazz and pop influences. The track, a metaphor exploring duality and the yearning for moments of clarity, was written during the times of the Covid lockdowns.

Through her soulful vocals and intricate melodies, Francesca captures the essence of renewal and the fragility of existence. "Pieces of Glass" serves as a precursor to her highly anticipated debut album set for 2025, following the success of her previous releases "Light" and "The Window".

With a non-linear structure mirroring the fast-paced clouds she saw, and got inspired from, while riding her Vespa in London, Francesca Confortini's musical expression captures a sense of constant motion and fluidity, inviting listeners on a dynamic sonic journey.


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