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"Cemetery Days": A Captivating Musical Journey by Kwolek

Kwolek, an artist based in Boulder, Colorado, has released a captivating single titled "Cemetery Days". His music is a result of his lifelong pursuit to create the overwhelmingly beautiful feeling he felt after listening to a lullaby when he was a child. With epic sounds that induce goosebumps and spontaneous dancing, Kwolek showcases his talent in doing everything all by himself. From recording vocals, guitars, synths and drums, doing the mixing and mastering, to designing the cover art for his releases.

Drawing inspiration from a variety of genres including artsy synth pop, grunge, disco, pop, and punk, Kwolek's music is an eclectic blend of influences that sets him apart. Adding to the uniqueness of his art, he incorporates field recordings into his songs. In "Cemetery Days" for example he used the sound of church bells from Bergen, Norway.

The single was entirely produced by Kwolek in his apartment in Boulder, Colorado, emphasizing his dedication and passion for creating music. Each song is a labor of love, with meticulous attention to detail and countless hours spent crafting the perfect sound.

"Cemetery Days" is a third-person narrative, telling the story of two misfit teens who are hanging out in graveyards, creating art, and enjoying their youth. The b-side "Trampoline" is an energetic blend of drum machines, synth bass, and distorted guitars, with thought-provoking lyrics that touch on our digital selves and what we sacrifice when we immerse ourselves in online culture.

With its vibrant and unique sound, Kwolek's "Cemetery Days" is a testament to his artistry and musical prowess. This single is just the beginning of what promises to be an exciting journey for this talented artist.


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