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Cat Cork Back With Brand New Single: 'Disappear'

Just released today - Cat Cork's latest single "Disappear" from his upcoming album "Silver and Gold". The song showcases a departure from his usual folk/singer-songwriter style, delving into an 80's retro sound.

The track, featuring layered vocals and a blend of electric guitar and synth, exudes a Pet Shop Boys vibe with a raw edge. Cat Cork's eclectic taste in music shines through as she explores different genres and emotions in her songwriting.

Collaborating with musicians via Musiversal, Cat Cork, along with producer Cameron Taylor, creates a unique sonic landscape, with his cats even making appearances in the studio and recordings.

"Disappear" is described as a love song with a powerful guitar-driven climax, offering a glimpse into the diverse musical journey that Cat Cork is embarking on with his upcoming album release.

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