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Musical Collage: Unveiling Cat Cork's 'Post Man'

Stuart Cork, aka Cat Cork, returns to the music scene with the original single "Post Man" after a hiatus, showcasing a unique recording process that involved musicians from around the world.

The song, intricately crafted like a jigsaw puzzle, features Stuart on guitar, bass, and vocals, accompanied by a diverse range of instrumentalists. Producer Cameron Taylor skillfully weaved together individual musical parts to create a cohesive piece, highlighting Cat Cork's favorite lead break that effortlessly elevates the track.

Noteworthy is the presence of Cork's feline companions during the recording, adding a personal touch to the album-making process. "Post Man" offers a glimpse into the upcoming album "Silver & Gold", reflecting Cork's musical evolution and collaborative efforts with a global array of talented artists.

A tribute to lost pets adds a heartfelt layer to the album, symbolizing a profound emotional connection within the music.


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