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Belle Lundon Shines Once Again with 'Space Cadet' Remix

Belle Lundon's latest release, the remix of her single "Space Cadet" has soared to the number 12 spot on the US iTunes Pop Songs chart, solidifying her position as a rising star in the music scene.

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Hailing from the vibrant city of New Orleans, Belle's musical journey began in Houston, Texas, where she pursued her passion for music and the performing arts. Her training at the renowned California Institute of the Arts shaped her into the artist she is today.

Known for her soulful tracks like "My Soul to Keep", Belle's artistry extends beyond music to the silver screen, with her upcoming film "The Other Side of Infinity" generating buzz for its release in 2024.

As Belle's star continues to ascend, her dedication to sharing her music globally and inspiring fans and fellow artists remains unwavering.

Check out the remix below and the video, and connect with Belle through the links under them.

LINKS: Website | Instagram | Facebook | TikTok | Spotify | YouTube  


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