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Exploring Artistic Versatility with Belle Lundon

Belle Lundon, a versatile artist hailing from the vibrant city of New Orleans, has made waves in the realms of music, acting, and songwriting. After honing her craft in Houston and receiving formal training at the esteemed California Institute of the Arts, Belle's talent shone brightly in 2016 when she clinched victory in a Coca-Cola sponsored music competition.

This triumph led her to the iconic Apollo Theater in Harlem, where her soulful rendition of "He Wants It All" captivated audiences. Not content with just covers, Belle's original track "My Soul to Keep" earned her the prestigious W.A.M. Award for Best Gospel Song in 2020.

With her upcoming film "The Other Side of Infinity" on the horizon, Belle's artistic journey knows no bounds. Her latest single, "Space Cadet," showcases a captivating blend of pop, R&B, and alternative influences, mixed by the acclaimed producer Kalaniondabeat.

Belle's commitment to authenticity and creative excellence shines through in her music, setting the stage for a promising future filled with global tours and artistic endeavors.


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