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Zach McKenzie's Newest Single: 'The Day that I Found You'

Zach McKenzie, the talented winner of Arkansas Idol in 2012, has just unveiled his latest single "The Day that I Found You". This emotional and soulful track highlights McKenzie's impressive vocals and heartfelt songwriting, promising to captivate listeners with its genuine emotion and relatable lyrics.

Hailing from Pine Bluff, Arkansas, Zachary Wayne McKenzie developed his love for music at a young age through his family's involvement in church activities. After participating in his high school choir and graduating in 2005, McKenzie decided to pursue a music career, leading him to various performances in Nashville and Arkansas over the past fifteen years.

"The Day that I Found You" exemplifies Zach McKenzie's musical talent, blending elements of Country, Soul, and Gospel. With its sincere lyrics and passionate delivery, the song is bound to strike a chord with audiences, solidifying McKenzie's position as a rising star in the music scene.

Beyond music, McKenzie also delved into film making, showcasing his creativity in the 2022 short film, Joanett Road.


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